Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random bird pictures!

Not as many birds in the yard as last year, wonder why!  In the meantime, here are some not-so-great birdie photos!

A skulking Hermit Thrush

A male House Finch, check out the grey eyebrow - best way to tell them from Purple Finches! 


That's an old school push-mower.  He's checking it out, I don't think he approves!

A Harris's Sparrow

A Common Grackle.  Most people complain about these birds at their feeders, but I've never had more than one at a time, and they don't visit too often.


A Chipping Sparrow, these guys are so neat...

A White-Crowned Sparrow, he checked out the bath, and had a little drink, but was too suspicious to actually get in there! 


At the opposite end of the spectrum is this Lincoln's Sparrow, who had a grand time!  More than half of my pics of this li'l guy showed him with his beak open, wonder why they do that while bathing!

And just for good measure, a Redhead, sitting on a nest??  Standing on a muskrat lodge?  Or a beaver house?  Got me!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Little Lincoln's

I think this is the earliest we've have Lincoln's Sparrows!  I always call them "Little Lincolns".  Makes no sense whatsoever.  I hope that wasn't a requirement!

What pluck!  The House Sparrow does not seem especially impressed...  Kudos for effort, kid!

White-Throated Sparrows

Not much to say about them, but here's a few pictures of the White-Throated Sparrows that have invaded our yard - I estimate about 18 of them, which is a huge jump - normally there are less than 5 at any given time!