Friday, September 17, 2010

Concert! Against Me!

Actually, our second time seeing this band.  First time was at the MTS Center, big big big venue.  This one was at a much smaller one. 

First band was called The Young Livers.  Not bad at all. 

Second was a group called The Flatliners.  Didn't get any good pictures of them, sorry!

Then was Against Me!  Great, great, great show!!!  Played for about an hour and ten minutes.  Definitely more fun than the show at the MTS Center! 

Concert info:  The Young Livers, The Flatliners, Against Me!
September 16, 2010, Garrick Center, Winnipeg

Set List (Against Me!):  I Was A Teenage Anarchist, Pints of Guinness Make You Strong, Cliche Guevera, White Crosses, Don't Lose Touch, Borne On The FM Waves of the Heart, Up The Cuts, White People For Peace, New Wave, I Still Love You Julie, Suffocation, This Shit Rules, Rapid Decompression, Stop, Thrash Unreal, Sink Florida Sink, Joy, All Or Nothing (?), Baby I'm An Anarchist, and a couple of others that I forgot about.

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