Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Concert! The Casualties! Gwar!

Missed The Casualties last time they came to town, so I sure was happy to finally be able to see them!  Figured Gwar was worth seeing too!

First band was called Mobile Death Camp.  They didn't use the lights much, and all my photos were this red color. 


Next band was Infernaeo.  The red lights persisted...

Bouncer is not impressed!

Pantene moment!

Next was The Casualties!  I have no idea which songs they played...  OK, I do remember "Made in NYC", but that's all!  People were really excited to see these guys, I was right in front of the stage for the pics, and got myself slammed around quite a bit!  Hit a guy in the head with my camera - sorry, guy!

My camera worked better with the flash, like the photo above, less motion blur, and better focus.  But I think I preferred the pics I got without the flash, like this one: 

and this one:

Another bonus bystander!

Gwar was the headliner, and people were kind of excited about them!

Gwar definitely put on the biggest show I've ever seen on such a small stage!  Part of their act was cutting up effigies of Sarah Palin and Lady Gaga.  They also spray lots and lots of fake blood at the audience.  Afterwards, people crowded outside.  That's not smoke, it's the people that are steaming!  Good ol' Winterpeg!

Concert info:  Mobile Death Camp, Infernaeo, The Casualties, Gwar
December 4, 2010, Garrick Center, Winnipeg



  1. Very interesting!! i think concerts must be very difficult to shoot. I love the atmosphere of the last one outside the building, very moody!!

  2. Thanks Harold! It is a challenging thing to get pictures - I probably save about 1 in 10 photos that I take. So much blur!